Social science key research base among ordinary of China
Discipline construction
The whole institute contains historical geography as national key discipline, and  2 doctor section which are historical geography and population, resource & environment economic. Otherwise, there are 5 master sections, including historical geography, history of science and technology, population, resource &environment economic, agriculture economic management, and finance. We are aimed to make students spiritual, in addition ,students need correct minds, solid basis, pretty research ability and strong innovation consciousness.
Shi Nian-hai said, ”we should strive to gat what we want, not get things without any hard work, so we can make great achievements”. About research attitude, we should stick to what Mr. Shi said. As for academic thought, we should associate theory with practice, and apply what we learn to practical problem. Then about research methods, we make most use of the combination of historical documents and the field trip. What’s more, we take research methods and new technological means of related subjects into consideration. At last, as for cultivation method, students take part in the their own teachers’ subjects, which provides platforms for graduate to participate in international academic conference and cooperative research. So training students improve research ability through specific subject, and broaden their horizons after international and domestic academic change.
Historical Geography
Historical geography, founded by famous historical geography professor Shi Nian hai(1912 - 2001), became first master’s degree and doctor's degree in 1981. It is also the traditional advantage discipline of Shaanxi Normal University. In 1960s, based on the historical geography research office, Shi Nian-hai trained professionals to do historical geograohy research. In 1981,  historical geography became the first master’s degree and doctor’s degree authorized by the government. In 1996, it became  key discipline of Shaanxi province. In 2000, based on this discipline, the center for historical environment and socio-economic development in northwest china was built based on historical geography. It is designated as a National Higher Education Key Research Unit for the Humanities by the Ministry of Education. At the beginning of 2002, the subject was declared by the Ministry of Education to be a key national discipline.
There are seven main research directions: historical environmental changes and reconstruction, historical humanity  geography, regional historical geography, historical economic geography, social economic history in northwest region, history urban geography, historical culture geography. At present, there are  8 doctor tutor , 12 master tutor. So far, there are 86 doctors and 261 masters trained, ,including 61 doctor and 183 masters who have graduated.
History of Science and Technology
About the types of History of Science and Technology, first grade discipline and second grade discipline share the same title, and there is only one second grade discipline. Its research direction is set up based on the standard of each elemental subject, such as History of Mathematics, History of Physics, History of Chemistry, History of Biology, History of Geography, History of Agronomist, History of Scientific Thought, etc.. History of Science and Technology is of strong academy and edge discipline, serving for basic research.
As a normal university, basic discipline is very complete in Shaanxi Normal University. In 1980s and 1990s, there are some teachers specialized in teaching History of Science and Technology
in science departments, otherwise, they has written many papers and books. In 2003, Dr Hou Yong-jian, from Northwest Institute of Historical Environment and Socio-Economic Development, is willing to declare master degree program, which gain much support from Postgraduate Department. Based on cross-department organization, teachers come from Northwest Institute of Historical Environment and Socio-Economic Development, Journal Edition Office, College of Mathematics and Information Science, College of Tourism and Environment ,forming totally three research directions which contains History of Geography, History of Mathematics, History of Scientific Thought. There are 12 core teacher joining in, and they achieved the declaration. At the end of 2003, they got mater degree program of History of Science and Technology. Now, main research direction are Chinese History of Geography, History of Environment, History of Water Conservancy, History of Agronomist, etc..There are 28 postgraduates, including 18 graduates.
Population, Resources & Environmental Economics
Population, Resources & Environmental Economics: there are master degree and doctor degree, belonging to economics, first grade discipline is Theoretical Economics. The major based on the theory and approaches of economics, Public Management Science and Finance. Also it’s closely linked to knowledge and methods of Environment Science Technology, focused on international and domestic environment and development issues. The main direction are labor transformation and economic development, environmental economics and environmental policy, natural resources management and environmental resource value assessment, sustainable development economics. Students would be trained in economic basic theory, research methods and analysis tools, knowledge of population and resources and environment, practical research ability. Graduates can be engaged in government management, scientific research, financial institute and environmental company in the fields of economic development, resource environment and infrastructure. They will take the work such as management, project management and implementation capacity, social group planning and operation.
Finance : it’s a master degree program, aimed to train professionals with a sound theoretical basis and higher application skills. Students are educated in using the combination of finance, economics, management and modern measurement analysis to solve theoretical questions, as well as practical problems. Students are hoped to have strong research ability and innovation potential, moreover, be suited for finance management department, finance institute and research institute.
Agriculture Economics Management
Agriculture Economics Management: It’s a master degree program, and it belongs to Management Science. The newest theory of economics and management is introduced to the field of agriculture, aimed to develop the agriculture economy. As a crossing discipline, its content is very wide. Students are demanded to master not only basic knowledge of economics, management and related knowledge, but also various technologies, such as modern economic analysis, market operating, organization &management, and financial management. The major teaches students to be professionals with complete knowledge about basic theory of  management science and economic science, also, including related basic knowledge of agriculture science. Students also need to master the basic methods and skills of agriculture economic management, so they can work for government, education & research unit, where they can do some something about management and policy research.
Discipline construction