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International Conference on Example Arrangement and Environmental Ideology of Resources Utilize
This is an opening-design conference, which will not call for the professional fields of copywriters, topic selection involving periods and geographic range, researching methods and the form of thinking. However, this conference still maintains the strong academic pursuing intention. 
Facing the different kinds of natural resources distributed over atmosphere and geographic surface, what kind of technical methods did predecessors use in collecting and exploiting to make it become the means of production, commercial materials and social wealth? What mean to natural environment in this procedure? What environmental ideology by specific region and people will give to the changeful ecological environment of earth? Where is the warning line of self-restraint by humanbeings? How to re-divide this warning line after referencing the regional and historical facts? All of these are important topics in different industrial fields in developing resources utilize.    
The original intention of this conference is as follows: taking “Example Arrangement”as the primary consideration, it is because the academic research should develop from the basic facts. With perfect selected topic, “Example Arrangement”will become the classical case in the history of sustainable development and natural resources utilize. Conference expectation: taking “Example Arrangement”as the primary consideration, which will adopted by the scholars in different academic fields.
Taking “Environmental Ideology”and“Example Arrangement”as the paratactic consideration, it is because the different types, characters and historical backgrounds in natural resources utilize. Various manufacturing industries and different comments after consumption of products will bring various kinds of ideas and viewpoints, so we should do the research on the cause and its environmental significance to make it to be the ideology resources in the social progress. Conference expectation: it will admitted by the scholars with theoretical minds.
Complied with the UNEP, the concept of “resource”means the natural factors and conditions which will bring economic benefits and develop the welfare of humanbeings under certain periods and conditions. As the constitute parts of natural world, the natural resources such as sunshine, atmosphere, water, land, forest, grasslands, animals and minerals are the basic support to human development. In the living development, different nations have their own natural homelands and familiar with their geographical environments, they accumulate much more experience and beneficial idears by using natural resources, it is worth to exploit deeply and make contributions to the present society.
The purpose of this conference is to push forward the communication between social sciences and natural sciences, the history and economics, to enhance the collaboration between historical geography and resource environmental economics, we hope to strengthen the resourceideology in history research, broaden the historical views in economics research and attach great importance to interaction research between natural and humanity factors in environmental change.
Some matters about this conference:
(1)Conference place:Xi’an, Shaanxi
(2)Conference date:Sep.22nd, 2017 to Sep.25th, 2017
(3)Conference languages: Chinese, English, Japanese and
so on
 (4)  The confirmation receipt should be returned before Jun 1st, 2017 and the unpublished thesis refers to the theme should be submitted before Sep.1st. We will send the electronic invitations on the third days after receiving the author’s papers. The foreign participants can return the confirmation receipts and papres as soon as possible in order to get the invitation and deal with your entry formalities.
 (5) Conference scale: the sponsor will give a definite explanation in the second notice according to the confirmation receipts in early June.
(6)Conference theme:
1)The complete process of resource utilize in different periods in history
2)How to walk out the vicious circle of“exploit-destroy”
3)Discussions on method of example arrangement in resource utilize
4)The selection and improvement of resource utilize way
5)The commentary on evaluation methods of human activities and environmental influence
6)Research on environmental idea with advanced ideology
7)The duty of resource utilize and human fate
8)The characterization of ideal living environment to humanbeings.
(7)Conference procedure:
  Conference lectures and group discussions have been the
common procedure in academic conference. We will confirm the procedure according to the confirmation receipts and the requests of participants. Please write down your specific suggestions on your confirmation receipts.
(8)Conference achivements:Our purpose is to publish
the《Example Arrangement and Environmental Ideology of Resource Utilize》after positive discussions in order to provide the academic achivements to the society.
(10)Conference fee:expense on  transportation and accommodation will be spent by yourself,  registration fees are free, the working meal will be undertook by the sponsor.
(11)Responsible persons: Prof. Hou Yongjian, Prof. Fang Lan, Prof, Bu Fengxian and director Xue Binrui.
  The academic quality of this conference depends on the positivity of participants and the level of papers. We will complete every detail through our efforts. Warmly welcome every institute and individual in different fields to contact with us. 
Uunsettled affairs will be informed in the second notice.
Contact number: 86-029-85318752,86-029-85318753
Sponsor of this international conference:
The Key Research Institute in Social Sciences of Ministry of Education
Northwest Institute of Historical Environment and
Socio-Economic Development
March, 6th, 2017
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(Friendly tips: The confirmation receipt should be returned before Jun 1st, 2017 and the thesis should be submitted before Sep.1st.