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Thoughts about Historical Geography theory and methods
Title:        Thoughts about Historical Geography theory and methods
Speaker:    Professor Guanghui Han
Moderator:   Professor Yongjian Hou
Time:        3:00-5:00 pm
Date:        2017-4-26 Wednesday
Location:    Chongwu Building Second Floor Siqi Room, Yanta Campus of Shaanxi Normal University
Sponsored: The Northwest Institute of Historical Environment and Socio-Economic Development 
Introduction of the speaker 
Guanghui Han, born in 1947, is a Professor of College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University. Prof. Han is a famous historical geographer. He focuses his study on Historical urban geography in the past more than 30 years. Historical Demographic Geography of Beijing (1996), Paper Collections on Historical Geography (2006), Studies on cities of Song-Liao-Jian-Yuan Period (2011) are Prof. Han’s distinguished monographies. Besides, he has translated a book from Russian into Chinese, Historical Geography: Subjects and Methods (1992). In 2007, Prof. Han was selected as counsellor of Beijing Government.