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The second “Shi nianhai youth historical geographer Forum”
On 24 October to 25 October, The second “shinihai youth historical geographer forum” that held by Key Research Institute in University and the Northwest Institute of Environment and Socio-economic Development(NIESD) opened in ChongWu building.
A total of 36 youth historical geographer from the cross-strait were invited to this forum. They are from different schools across the country. Such as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、the CAS、Fudan university、the BNU and so on.
On 24 October morning, first, the vice-president of Shaanxi Normal university Xiao Zhenghong and the professor of NIESD Zhu Shiguang speeched on this forum. There are 36 theme reports in the forum this year. They were divided into 2 groups for presentation, and the forum was ended by round table discussions. Participants focused on and discussed many problems ,such as the organic unity of both science and humaneness in historical geography, built and use historical geography database, the challenges of both modernity and post-modernity that the subject must to face, and integration among the historical geography、archaeology and anthropology.
“Shi nianhai youth historical geographer Forum” are host by Shaanxi normal university, All participants in this forum are young scholar. The purpose of the forum is to mark the famous historical geographer Shi nianhai, who was working in our school before he died, and encourage the younger generation of scholars. At the same time, this forum also an important platform to promote development of Chinese historical geography.