Social science key research base among ordinary of China
'Shi Nianhai collection' Published by People’s Publishing House
'Shi Nianhai collection' is published by People’s Publishing House. After ten years of hard work, involved several experts and units, the collection is now published. The first volume was published in 1963 by People’s Publishing House.
From all of the articles in the book, it was found that Mr. Shi’s research field had been in constant development. In 1950s and 1960s, he focused on History Economic Geography. In 1970s, he turned to the study on Natural Ecological Changes of The Loess Plateau and History Military Geography. In 1980s,he began to be interested in History Culture Geography, History Ethnic Geography, History Area Geography, History Geography History and Chinese Science of Ancient Capitals, and has wrote monograph. In the late 1990s,while focusing on  macro problem, he restarted to do textual criticism and write some short papers.